About Us

Practice philosophy

We utilize conventional, complementary and alternative medicine modalities for diagnosis and treatment of many conditions.

Integrative medicine is a relatively new concept – the blending of many forms of healing instead of utilizing only pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures. This integrative medicine strives to treat the whole pet , physical and mental wellbeing incorporating nutrition, supplements, homotoxicology and behavioral therapy with allopathic medicine.

Wellness is best maintained through a healthy and enriched lifestyle and early detection of illness. Medical treatment should begin with the safest options, encouraging the body to heal, and proceeding to the more sophisticated therapies when necessary.  For humans, as for animals, we are learning that by combining the appropriate and best therapies from all available disciplines, illness may be avoided and sick cats can be more quickly and effectively returned to health.


“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”

Hippocrates, father of Medicine.